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Long-time friends and new

By Trudy M Davies


I’m blessed to have long-time friends and new ones too.

There’s great understanding and acceptance,

an openness with long-time friends and new.

Deep connections happen in a moment’s chance.

Treasure times of mutual understanding,

they can chase away the sameness day to day,

bring greater lightheartedness to our being,

our lives richer for the experience this way.


Separation need not break precious bonds,

like precious gems that can last and glow through time.

New friendships, tentative or intense can grow,

like garden flowers bringing joy to springtime.


Each friendship unique with beauty of its own.

So blessed am I to have friendships new and grown.





“Each day is a gift”, said one so kind

With gentle humour and open mind

Eyes so warm and touched by grace

From trials endured, knowing souls embrace


You can focus on hardship and dwell in pain

Or look for the good, there’s enrichment to gain.

Each day is a gift, seek the joy to be found

With nature and Love, blessings abound.


By Trudy M. Davies in Loving memory of my cousin Garth Hill

March 18, 2018



As a child, I was taught about love, unconditional love. Agape, from ancient Greek, the highest form of love. A feeling as welcome as the warmth of the sun, giving strength and assurance to carry on.

This love has no limit, it’s the spark of creation.

Warming of hearts to bring caring to nations.

This love flows through people who give of themselves.

It’s the source of creation, with abiding resolve.


Such wonder and joy to this limitless power,

Transforming indifference, allowing caring to flower.

The flight of the birds and the whales’ ocean song

Are interconnected and make our earth strong.


Wonderful, personal, the great and the small,

Are part of agape, for God loves us all.


Trudy Davies  2017


 Blending of  Souls

Love is the blending of souls through time and moments divine.

A connection and recognition of richness that’s genuine.

Love can surprise and suddenly burst into bloom;

Or grow slowly, given time and plenty of room.

Love has a sense of humour; forgiveness and understanding.

Respect and patience help to make it enduring.

Love gives zest to life and sense of wonder.

It encourages kindness for one’s self and each other.

Love is an energy that has no end;

Opening hearts, so that spirits can blend.


By Trudy Davies  Feb. 2017



A Song of PeaceA Song of Peace throughout the yearIs what we need; let’s sing it clear.To touch each heart with Love today

Till fear and evil melt away.


We want a world where love can grow.

Where strangers soon become friends you know.

Where each is valued from the start

Unique the gifts each can impart!


Such Joy we share to nurture all

This world our home, Oh hear the call.


A song of Peace and Love to grow,

Respect and Freedom, let them flow

Till all around, the secret found:

To Love; this whole world is sacred ground.


By Trudy Davies



In eyes that shine

Your smile and mine

Christmas is here

Share Love and Cheer

Merry Christmas

Peace be with us

Trudy Davies Dec. 2016
Image from FUN WITH WORDS Book 2

Tree Dance

Leaves of trees flutter, waving in greeting

Branches bounce up and down, forward and back

Tall evergreens keep rhythm with their limbs

Weeping willow tendrils sway gracefully

While the wind sings a quiet melody

Bushes rustle, sway and swish, the twigs tap

Percussion and song as trees waltz along

Though anchored to earth, trees reach to the sky

Breezes play at will. Change is in the air.

Then stillness and silence return once more.


Trudy Davies Aug. 2016



May, there are glorious blossoms.

May, the air is fragrant and warm.

May, the parks fill with children playing.

May, clematis and wisteria cascade like waterfalls of blossoms.

May, petals drift on the breeze like pink snow and confetti.

May, rhododendrons’magnificent blooms in rainbow colours.

May, time for ice-cream cones and eating outside.

May, spring bursts into summer, abundant blooms, new life.

Glorious May

(At least where I live)  Trudy Davies May 2016


Daily Miracles

Did you see the sunlight sparkle on the droplets?

…or feel a warm shower relax you and revive?

Breathing breeze that’s brisk and fresh right off the ocean

…can blow away my cares so I feel more alive.


A cup of good tea that gently warms and wakens me.

A hug that soothes and brightens up the day.

Flowers that display their colours, grace and beauty…

There are countless small miracles along the way.


Take notice and you will find the sunlight…

…glistening even on a dark and rainy day.

The gifts of life are abundant and around us.

Use your senses and find some miracles today.


Trudy Davies Jan. 18, 16



The morning sun is shining.

There’s frost on roofs and railings.

Thin curly branches coated with white,

Pine needles tipped with icing bright,

Textured sugar paste covers the ground.

Trees wear sunbeams like an iridescent gown.

Light glistens through droplets on leaves and tiny branches.

Casting rainbows through crystals, such magical glances.

On frosty mornings appreciate,

One of nature’s ways to decorate.


Trudy Davies Dec. 3, 15


A Present for the Future

From this day on
Let kindness guide our ways.
From this day on
Let hope bring brighter days.
Our world needs peace
With more justice and compassion.
Our world needs peace
Forgiveness to heal the nations.

Each one of us can be
The spark for Love eternally.

Trudy Davies 01/01/2014


Each day a new day
full of things to do.
Each day is a new day
to be with friends like you.

Each day brings more things to learn,
there’s a world that needs our care.
Each day let’s choose to be kind,
smiles and happiness to share.

Trudy Davies 01/03/2014


This magnificent land that we call home
Is varied with beauty wherever we roam.
The vast ocean shores of East, North, and West
Refresh and renew us; we are truly blessed.
The forests and mountains give shape to the land
While ancient hills hold countless lakes trimmed with sand.
The skies of the prairies are an artist’s delight.
Grains flowering fields extend beyond sight.
Wetlands and grasslands support life in abundance.
The tundra and ice fields stage Aurora’s Lights dance.

The cities and towns have character too,
The people who live here blend the old and the new.
From timeless beginnings rich cultures evolved;
A world that is changing has seen boundaries dissolve.
Each part of the globe has something to share;
Here sheltered by peace, dreams grow, and friends care.
The countries of origin give roots and enrich,
This beautiful tapestry nation, valuing each stitch.

May we stand on guard for thee
To live in peace and dignity
Where each person’s worth is assured,
And their value we guard to preserve.
Cherish the freedom our forefathers found
And in Love remain honour bound.

Oh Canada!

 Trudy Davies 07/01/2008


Words of Thanks 

Beauty everywhere
Water, mountains, land and sky
Life in abundance

Towering trees
Colourful fragrant flowers
Birds that grace the sky

 People, young and old
Family, friends and strangers
Smiles and kindness shared

 Harvest and fresh food
Sun and rain and shelter
Freedom, justice, Love

Peace and harmony
So much to be thankful for
Today and all days

Trudy Davies 6/10/14


From : “FUN WITH WORDS There’s a Reason for the Rhyme–Book 2”


Way out yonder in the pumpkin patch,
Mist is settling while coyotes scratch.
Crows fly in from all around,
while the pumpkins roll along the ground.
Owls go “whooo” to scare the mice.
Lightning flashes, not once, but twice.

The scarecrow dance has begun!
Wind swings arms and legs for fun.
Crows caw background laughing beat.
Coyotes sing in harmony sweet.
And the scarecrow jumps right down.
Whirlwinds twirl him all around.
Leaping pumpkins in his happy jig.
Halloween lets us imagine BIG.

Trudy Davies 10/12


A Gift for Christmas

 We were given a gift for Christmas.
A gift for all people, all time;
A poor wee baby, yet sung to by angels;
A rich treasure of Love so sublime.

The Christmas message comes from above,
The greatest power is Love.
Hope, Peace, Joy and Love
Be with you always.

 Trudy Davies 12/14

From: “Wings for the Spirit: A journey to hope and love in all seasons”


How much better each day can be showing kindness to you and me.
Share a laugh and a tear, show you care, be sincere;
There are countless ways to show kindness.
Whether weak or strong there’s a bond to pass along;
A simple thing to give and take, can impact the world we make.

Simply be kind to you and me.
As we go along, may it be our song;
Simply be kind to you and me.

A smile, a touch, giving time to listen, or lend a hand;
Simple things can do more than we understand.
There are countless ways to show kindness.
Lifting burdens of each day, the big and the small will melt away;
And those things hard to bear, can be eased when someone cares

 Simply be kind to you and me
As we go along, may it be our song.
Simply be kind to you and me

Trudy Davies 10/10

My dear friend Joyce Curran gave this poem a melody



Good Earth


Earth in all its magnificence is both powerful and fragile.

What we do matters, whether we realize it or not.

Generations before us saw buffalo as far as they could see.

Slaughtering them didn’t matter—so they thought.

It did & it does.

When the pioneers saw seemingly endless forests of giant trees, harvesting as many as they could,

seemed such a natural thing to do—saving them didn’t matter.

It did & it does.

I still feel a sense of grief and envy when I see massive stumps with tell-tale signs of spring boards,

and wish I too could see the massive tree that once stood there.


The creation story speaks of the sky, land, water, plants, birds, and creatures of the land, sea, and air—It was all good.

We owe it to ourselves, our children and generations to come to take very good care of this wonderful world, so that all can say “It is good”.

What we do does matter!


Trudy Davies 04/10

Celebrate Earth Day everyday!





Notice the leaf buds expanding each day,

unfurling in soft shades declaring spring.

Many blossoms and flowers grace my way.

Colours, a symphony for all to sing.


New life in abundance brings hope for all.

Earth gives so much to nurture great and small.

The seasons, the tides, the rivers and streams,

Deserts, mountains, the gentle and extremes.


Awesome power and beauty everywhere,

yet also fragile and vulnerable.

Protect our world, be diligent and care.

Harmony with nature, keeps earth liveable.


New life in abundance brings hope for all.

Earth gives so much to nurture great and small.

The seasons, the tides, the rivers and streams,

Deserts, mountains, the gentle and extremes.


Just see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and feel joy too.

Make a difference through the things we do.


Trudy Davies 04/14


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