Butterfly & Rider coluring page

Butterfly morning colouring page

Eagle colouring page


Blue Butterflies images

Bald Eagle images

Eagles-National Geographic Kids

Butterfly colouring pages


Spotlight on the Arts –Archives

Search the above archives link to find Trudy’s poems as listed below:

June 2018        page 9           The Big Move

Dec. 2017         page 15         Christmas Verse (contest winner)

May 2017         page 11           Spring Breeze

Feb. 2017          page 9             February Freeze and Flowers–About the Author

Dec. 2016          page 10           Christmas Contemplations

     page 16           In Eyes that Shine        2016 Winner of Christmas Card Contest

Oct. 2016           page 10           Early October Morn

Jun. 2016           page 10           Wonderful Father

May 2016           page 11           Yellow Feathered Sunshine

Feb. 2016           page 11           Timeless          & Book descriptions

Dec. 2015            page 11           Christmas Card Contest—verse entries

                              page 14           Winning verse: Love and Joy Can Last

Sept. 2015          page 8             Tribute to Ed Griffin

May 2015            page 11           Rainy Day Contemplations

Jan. 2015             page 14           New Beginning

Dec. 2014            page 10           Christmas is Coming   The Wonders of Christmas

                                                            Christmas Memories [except]

Sept. 2014           page 8             Full page with samples from books

July/Aug.2014       page 8             Stardust

Mar. 2014            page 8             Icing Sugar Morning

Jan. 2014             page 9             Evergreen       –Winning Words

May 2013             page 9             A Painting of You         May’s Grace

Mar. 2013            page 8             Glosa:  Some Things God Alone Can See

Jan. 2013             page 9             A New Day, A New Year

Dec. 2012             page 10           A Song of Peace

Oct. 2012              page 16           Thursday Artist Talk

May 2012            page 9             Mother’s Hands   Mom’s Love Flows   A Mother’s Arms

Feb. 2012             page 9              Love Is


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